Two Poems included in Anthology Warriors with Wings

Warriors with wings

I am happy to share that two of my poems have been published in the Anthology Warriors with Wings, edited by Michael Lee Johnson and co-edited by Ken Allan Dronsfield. Michael and Ken administer several very popular Facebook poetry groups. This anthology includes the work of 41 experienced contemporary poets from fifteen countries.

Warriors with Wings is sold in Amazon USA, as well as in the Amazon shops in Canada, the UK, Italy, Spain, Germany and France.

I am thankful to the editors for their intense work putting this collection together. Please consider purchasing it.


Five Poems in Automatic Pilot

automatic pilot issue 2

Five of my poems have been published in Issue 2 of Ireland-based literary journal Automatic Pilot. Founded and edited by Brian Bingham, this journal is published twice a year, both in print and in digital format. It is open to submissions of poetry, short stories, flash fiction, micro fiction, and novel extracts. AP welcomes the works of emerging and more established writers from around the world.


Two Poems Included in Orbis Journal

orbis 183 collage

Orbis Quarterly International Literary Journal, based in Wakefield, UK, is a print magazine with a very active readership and a superb editor, Carole Baldock. So, I was thrilled when two of my poems were accepted for publication and included in its Spring issue, # 183, sent out in May 2018.

Orbis is always open to submissions, by post from the UK, by email from overseas. It accepts poetry, prose poems and short prose, as well as translations. As a nice incentive, there is a Readers’ Award each issue: £50 for the winner, plus smaller amounts for the runners up.

Published four times a year, Orbis issues can be purchased individually: £5 (Overseas: £11/€14/$16), or via a very convenient subscription plan: £18/4 per year (Overseas: £40/€50/$60).

This is a terrific journal!



Six of my Poems Published in Anapest Journal

Anapest April 2018 digital cover

Anapest Journal, part of The Paragon family of journals, has published online six of my poems in consecutive days, from Thanksgiving day, the 23, to the 28 of November of 2017.  Thanks to the magazine editor, Veronica Bruce, for selecting them.

The poems published are Grinding, Hanging On, Undertones, Thirst, The Day I Met Borges, and Brides in Vietnam.

Since July 2017, Anapest Journal publishes one poem per day, and is always open to  submissions, which are read blind, with a focus on the “excellence and elegance of poetry.” Every three months, AJ compiles the poems in a digital magazine. The one including my poems was launched in April 2018. They can be read in pages 31 to 37 of Issue 5.


Five poems in inaugural issue of New Reader Magazine

New Reader Magazine (2)

Issue one of New Reader Magazine, themed Multivision, is out in digital format. It includes eighteen stories and fifty five poems from writers from all over the world, including five of my authorship. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. Take a look.

This creative enterprise is based in New York, London, Hong Kong, and The Philippines. NRM publishes fiction, poetry, essays, visual works, etc., and are currently open to submissions, 




Las varias versiones de ‘El alma en los labios’ de Medardo Angel Silva

Un poema experimental de mi autoría, titulado ‘Alice dialogues with a dead modernist Ecuadorian poet’ ha sido publicado recientemente en el número inaugural de la revista literaria Always Crashing. El poema consiste en el diálogo entre las líneas del poema El Alma en los Labios del poeta guayaquileño Medardo Angel Silva, y una entidad web de inteligencia artificial, A.L.I.C.E.  Por cada verso del poema, he incluido el texto que A.L.I.C.E generó como respuesta a dicho verso. He publicado estos detalles en un blog anterior, así que el enfoque de este artículo es diferente. Continue reading