Tools for Writers

I am sharing a few PC-based tools that I find useful as a writer. Who knows, maybe you will find some of them useful as well.

Are you writing a children’s book and need to find the word count of a book you are comparing yours with?

Go to AR Book Finder.

Writing a poem and need to check on the syllables count?

There are many places, but I like How Many Syllables and Syllable Count

For some strange reason, do you need a rhyming dictionary?

These two are good ones: Syllable Count and Rhyme Zone

Do you want to explore the readability level of your text?

Go to Readability Score

Want some help with editing?

If you want to assess your overall editing and improve your writing style (check if you have too many dead wood words, your sentences are too long, and the like), I recommend

Expresso , which is still in beta, but is great, IMVHO.

Need to shorten your URL?

There are many options; I prefer Tinyurl

Or for added security, old McAfee

To submit to literary magazines

The sheriff in town is Submittable, and sooner rather than later you will have to open an account with them. It is free and user friendly, and you will be pleased.

Some journals use Submission Manager; you will be prompted to open an account with them in order to submit. Unlike Submittable, you will need to open an account for every journal you are submitting to. With Submittable, you open only one account, and can keep track of all your submissions at once.

A few magazines use Green Submission. But its use among publishers is not widespread (yet?)

To keep track of your submissions

If you submit heavily, and really need tailored information about the market, you may need the paid submission manager Duotrope. Full disclosure: I used for a short time when it was a free service.

If you do not submit in large quantities, you may try some free services, such as The Grinder. Full disclosure: I have used it very sparingly.



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