Luminous Echoes, A Poetry Anthology coming up January 2017

Happy to share that my poem ‘Strictly About Rhododendrons’ is included in Luminous Echoes: A Poetry Anthology, edited by Heath Brougher. The book is published by Dublin-based Into the Void, a literary magazine founded and edited by Philip Elliott. The fifty poems in the book are Heath’s favorites among the poems submitted to the magazine’s first poetry competition, which did not place in the top six.  I love the idea of this publication, of course, and I love the cover! I am sure the book is really cool because I have recognized a few names, and they are of poets whose work I greatly appreciate.

Even more fantastic is that the proceeds from the book are going to Pieta House, an organization in Ireland that provides services to people with mental health emergencies. Can’t wait to have this anthology in my hands, and ask you to consider purchasing it. Here is the link.



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