Earwax, Flash Fiction in Flash Frontier


I am thrilled to share that my flash fiction piece Earwax has been published in the February 2017 issue of New Zealand-based Flash Frontier magazine. The theme was Remnants and it was open to international submissions. This outstanding issue showcases skilled and powerful writing from writers whose talent hasn’t gone unnoticed. Several contributors have won prestigious literary prizes and awards. Proud to be in such good company!

Special thanks to founding editor Michelle Elvy and guest editor Michael Harlow for including my work.

By the way, this piece was inspired by looking at the sculpture The Cerumen Strata by Vietnamese artist R. Streitmatter-Tran, and listening to his presentation of his work. His piece was shown in 2016 at the Odyssey: Navigating Nameless Seas exhibition at the Singapore Art Museum.

The piece in mention was the artist’s rendering of a whale’s earwax. This wax ‘stores’ vast amounts of information about the whale’s stress and well-being based on the amounts of hormones and other chemicals it has secreted. It also records information about the seas where the whale has been traveling. I was intrigued enough about this to continue researching about the topic. There are a few good articles available.

After many iterations, my work Earwax took the form it now holds.


The artist R. Streitmatter-Tran and his sculpture The Cerumen Strata at the Singapore Art Museum in 2016. Photo by Lucia Damacela


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