Summer Memories Published in Duende

Online literary journal Duende features my hybrid piece Summer Memories in their April 2017 Spotlight section, along with a poem by Casey Rocheteau and visual art by Cameron Quan Louie.

Duende is the literary journal of Goddard College’s BFA in Writing program, and is maintained and curated by a committed editorial team which includes current students. They update the website with Spotlights of  literary and visual works every month, and launch one issue in the Fall; the first one was out in October 2014.

Duende’s name is inspired in Lorca’s poetic vision. They look for work that “shatters styles….,” “is rooted in our soil, full of thistles and sharp stones.” As the editorial team put it: “seeks authenticity & soulfulness…. a chill up the spine…..darkness and intensity….a response from the body.” Duende “aspires to represent the true beauty and diversity of the U.S. literary ecosystem.”

This is the second time my work is showcased at Duende. The Páramo Train, also an hybrid piece, was included in their August 2016 Spotlight. Browsing further, you will discover the wide array of fantastic literary (short stories, poetry, essays, interviews) and visual works this magazine publishes. Proud to be in the company of writers and artists with so much duende.


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