Preserving your Web Publications

17050225387_99b6f8cc4c_c by sagesolar

Creative Commons Google Keep note art ” by Sagesolar Flickr is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Web life can be ephemeral. It has happened already in my relatively short journey as a writer, that some of the online publications that hosted my work are already gone. That is the case, for example, of Riverlit, the first literary magazine that published one of my poems in English. Fortunately, I took screen shots of my piece, and have ‘evidence’ of this publication for my portfolio.

Capturing the images of your published work is even more meaningful when editors have carefully paired your words with arresting visual content that you would like to preserve.

The easiest way to save web publications is to take screenshots, as mentioned. How to do it? I just press Alt + print screen keys and then paste it on a word document. I could then save it as a photo or pdf if needed. Advise on how to do screenshots from pcs here, and here for Macs.



Poem Road Lines published in Sharkpack Annual

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Road Lines, a section of a string of very short poems on a journey across different geographies and seasons, has just been published in the fourth issue of Sharkpack Annual 2017, Long form.  An avant-garde literary journal, Sharkpack Annual has published many authors whose work I admire. Glad to be in such a punch-packing company.

This is the first time that I record my work, as well. Eerie feeling to hear my own voice detached from my body. Still, I enjoyed recording it. Hope you enjoy reading/listening to my poem and to the superb work of the writers and artists featured. Can’t recommend it enough!


Poem ‘Las Encarnaciones de la Luz’ in Fron//tera

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This is a poem I wrote inspired by the 3-D projection laser reconstruction of the Buddhas of Bamiyan, in Afghanistan. Blasted by the Taliban in 2001, the giant statues were recreated as holograms in 2015.

I am glad this poem found such a good looking venue in Issue 1 of fron//tera Bilingual Literary Magazine, themed boundaries, límites. Got my author’s copies recently, from Madrid, where the magazine is based. It’s truly a gorgeous mixture of visual arts, poetry and prose in Spanish and English.

Fron//tera is the initiative of Michael J. Shymanski and Nora Beuke Salle, chief editors. Includes works of writers and artists from all over the world, from the US to Singapore, from Mexico City to Madrid.

Este es un poema que escribí inspirada en la reconstrucción laser de los Budas de Bamiyan, en Afganistan. Estos Budas fueron destruidos por el Taliban en 2001, y recreados como hologramas en el 2015.

Me siento muy satisfecha de que este poema haya encontrado una avenida de publicación de tan buen ver como el volumen 1 de fron//tera Revista literaria bilingüe, cuyo tema es límites. Recibí recientemente mis copias de autora desde Madrid; es un diseño muy cuidado con una mezcla bien lograda de artes visuales, poesía y prosa en español y en inglés.

Fron//tera es la iniciativa de Michael J Shymanski y Nora Beuke Salle, directores. El volumen incluye trabajos de escritores y artistas de varias partes del mundo, como Estados Unidos, Singapur, México, España, etc.

El libro no está disponible en versión digital, y no estoy segura de si se puede adquirir fuera de España. Compartiré el poema próximamente.


Five poems published in Letralia



Venezuela-based literary webzine Letralia has published five of my poems in Spanish. This magazine has been around since 1996, and features poetry, fiction, criticism, essays, interviews, events, news and information relevant to the Spanish-speaking literary world.

Letralia, webzine de literatura basado en Venezuela, ha publicado cinco poemas de mi autoría. Esta revista se publica desde 1996 e incluye poesía, narrativa, crítica, ensayos y reportajes, entrevistas, eventos, noticias y más información relevante al mundo literario hispanohablante.


Mi poema Inter-rogante en Monolito – My poem Inter-rogante in Monolito


Gracias a la revista literaria Monolito, basada en ciudad de México, en particular a su director editor, Juan Mireles, por publicar my poema Inter-rogante.

Como he mencionado anteriormente, ha sido más difícil para mí encontrar avenidas para publicar mis trabajos en español que en inglés, aún cuando eso está cambiando: más poemas en español de mi autoría serán publicados dentro de poco…

Monolito tiene cinco años, y es una revista de literatura y artes muy interesante, abierta a recibir colaboraciones. Es interesante incluso para quienes no hablan español, puesto que las obras de arte latinoamericano contemporáneo que publican son espectaculares.

Siéntanse libres de escribir un comentario si visitan la revista y leen mi poema, o cualquier otro de los muy buenos trabajos de poesía, narrativa, ensayos, etc. publicados.

Thanks to Mexico City-based online magazine Monolito, in particular to director editor Juan Mireles, for publishing my poem Inter-rogante.

As I mentioned before, it has been harder to find venues to publish my work in Spanish than in English, but that may be changing; there are more published poems in Spanish coming up soon…

Monolito is a five-year old very interesting literature and arts magazine, open to collaborations. Check it out even if you don’t speak Spanish, as it includes stunning Latin American contemporary art.

Feel free to comment If you visit the magazine and read my poem, or any other of the fine poetry, fiction, essays and other works published there!



Flash Fiction ‘Christmas Eve’s Rain’ published in The Binnacle

the binnacle 2017 (2)

My short-short story “Christmas Eve’s Rain” has been published in the Spring 2017 issue of The Binnacle, the Literary Journal of Coastal Maine, from the University of Maine at Machias. Thanks to the student editorial board and to Gerard NeCastro, former editor, for including my work again.

An earlier version of this piece was shortlisted at the Flash500 competition last year, but not published.

I received my author copies recently. They took a long detour and briefly visited Singapore’s efficient post office, which forwarded it.

Previous issues of The Binnacle have been made available on Amazon Kindle in the past, and I hope that will be the case as well with this Spring 2017 issue.

Sadly, the Letter from the Editor announced that this may be the last issue of the journal. It will go on hiatus as Gerard NeCastro, who has edited The Binnacle for seventeen years, is leaving. All the best to the editor in his new endeavors, and hope the university keeps alive this fine journal.

Poem The Flesh Reprinted in Digital Magazine The Bitchin’ Kitsch

Bitchin kitsch


Thanks to editor Chris Talbot-Heindl for republishing my poem The Flesh in beautifully curated September 2017 issue of The Bitchin’ Kitsch. This poem was originally published in UK-based online magazine Sein Und Werden. My blog entry about that first publication is here.

The BK is open for submissions right now. A monthly digital zine, it offers a shared roof to artists, poets, prose writers, and other creatives. Its issues always include stunning art and very crisp writing. One of the magazines I enjoy reading.