Cosmographia Anthology

Between These Shores Annual 


“The Angel in My Cupboard” & “Street Art,”  Warriors with Wings: The Best of Contemporary Poetry Anthology, July

“An Embroidered Past,” “Commuter’s Train Thoughts,” “Sleepless,” “Derails,” “Having a Moment and a Tuna Mayo at Land’s End, “Automatic Pilot 2, July           READ

“Whispers” & “Erasure,” A Restricted View from Under the Hedge 2, June

“Rain Noir” & “Window Buzz” Orbis 183, May

“Street Art,” Taxicab, April                    READ

“Pipe Rain,” “To Build a Fire,” “Reasons to Wear Shoes with Good Support,” “Batik Therapy,” “El Cid Campeador” New Reader Magazine, March                READ

“Alice Dialogues with a Dead Modernist Ecuadorian Poet,” Always Crashing, March

“Passing by Some Minor Ruins on Our Way to Chichen Itza,” Peeking Cat Poetry, February

“Abbreviation,” “The Walk Back Home,” “Warp,” and “From the Deck,”  In the Name of the Voice, January


“Hostile Designs,” Here Comes Everyone

“Beached Moments” Young Ravens Literary Review                 READ

Grinding,” “Hanging On,” “Undertones,” “Thirst,” “The Day I Met Borges,” “Brides in Vietnam.” Anapest – The Paragon Journal (click on each poem to read) 

“Road Lines,” Sharkpack Annual 2017, Longform     READ AND LISTEN

“Las encarnaciones de la luz,” Revista Bilingue Fron//tera

“Vaho nocturno,” “Idas y venidas,” “Escudo,” “Un mundo mejor,” and “Me morio,” Letralia, September     READ

“Inter-rogante,” Revista Literaria Monolito, September     READ

“The Flesh” reprinted in The Bitchin’ Kitsch, September         READ

“Sett Patterns” and “Ice Love,” Poems to Keep Anthology, July

“City of Cats,” The Ofi Press Magazine, Issue 53 June          READ

“mango river” and “Altitude” DASH, Tenth Anniversary Issue, May

“Sound Proof” and “The Páramo Train,” Harbinger Asylum Spring Issue, May

“Summer Memories,” Duende, Monthly Spotlight, April      READ

“The Angel in My Cupboard,” Ink, Sweat and Tears, April      READ

“The Run-Away,” Bamboo Telegraph, March    

“The Visit,” “Staycation,” and “En la Ruta del Mar,” The Acentos Review, February     READ

“Defunct, Constraining the Universe, Voice Over, Private Viewing, Celebration,Five 2 One Magazine, February     READ

Inked Carved Rusty Path,Helen: A Literary Magazine,  Winner of the Visual Prompt Quarterly Contest 2016, January      READ

“Glitches,” “Density,” “Transparencies,” “Lemon,” and ‘From the Desk,” erbacce # 48, January

“Strictly About Rhododendrons,” Luminous Echoes, a Poetry Anthology, published by Into the Void Magazine, January


“Before Monday,” Peeking Cat Poetry Magazine, Issue 20, December 2016

“Prey,” Into the Void Magazine, Issue 2, October 2016

Archaeologist,” Bamboo Telegraph, October 2016

About the Scale of Things,” Slippery Elm Online, September 2016

“The Andean Retreat,” Rock the Chair Challenge winner, Yellow Chair Review blog, September 2016

“Primordial,” Winner of the Wisehouse International Poetry Award 2016, Stark Poetry Journal, Issue 1, August 2016

The Paramo Train,Duende, Monthly Spotlights, August 2016

Looking Up,” Bunbury Magazine, Issue 13, July 2016

Sunset and The Flesh, Sein und Werden Journal, Corpus, March 2016

Insomniaand You Again,” Octavius Magazine, February 2016

A Bare View,” Mulberry Fork Review, January 2016


Landlocked,” Slippery Elm Literary Journal, December 2015

Fog,” Bamboo Telegraph, December 2015

Recession” and “Perennity,” United Poets Laureate International, December 2015 (1st and 3rd prize at UPLI poetry competition, featured as Poet of the Month)

Rain Over Singapore,” Cha: An Asian Literary Journal, June 2015

The Rise,” One Sentence Poems, June 2015

Joy, Repeat,” One Sentence Poems, April 2015

Portrait,” Three Line Poetry, Issue 30, February 2015


“Sound Proof,” Poetry Quarterly, Winter 2014

“The Arrival,” Bamboo Telegraph, November 2014

Predators,” RiverLit 100 Words, 2014

“At the Singapore Zoo,” SAN, March 2014

“Lluvia de Invierno,” Turdus Merula, 2014 (Anthology In Spanish)